Automotive (Manufacturing)

The Discrete manufacturing industry in general, and the automotive segment, in particular, is of great importance to Alwosta. Alwosta considers manufacturing as one of the most important drivers of the economy and job creation.

Challenges Facing Automotive Sector

Today's globalization and other industry dynamics are presenting new business challenges for the automotive industry:

  • Survive Global Competition
  • Need to Reduce Costs
  • Respond to Dynamic Market Demands
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Manage Quality to Satisfy the Customer and Avoid Expensive Recalls
  • Effectively Manage Inventory, Warehouses and Production
  • Need Business Intelligence for Effective Decision Making

How do you face these challenges? Alwosta has partnered with SAP to bring you world-class enterprise solutions for the automotive (manufacturing) industry, which will help you meet all these challenges. ERP and Business Intelligence software from SAP provides you the flexibility and scalability you need to succeed in today’s business world. You will have the power of enterprise-wide integration, total automation and information availability at your fingertips, with the flexibility and scalability only SAP can provide. SAP can provide all the tools and technology you need for business intelligence and enterprise performance management. What’s more – SAP can help you with process improvements by implementing the best industry practices, which have evolved from doing thousands of implementations around the world. Along with the proven, world-class software from SAP you need the expertise of professionals who can advise and guide you through the complex process of implementing SAP solutions. That’s where Alwosta comes in – we can implement SAP solutions for you in a way that transforms your enterprise into a more efficient organization and gives you the maximum return on your investment. When you select Alwosta as your SAP Partner, you get faster implementations, more knowledge, lower risks and better returns.

Alwosta Automotive Center of Excellence

Alwosta has created a Center of Excellence comprised of outstanding individuals who have a deep understanding of the automotive business in every area - manufacturing, production planning, sales and distribution, quality management, inventory, warehouse management, financial, accounting, human capital management. Complementing the domain experts are our technical gurus who can help build the complete technical infrastructure for enterprise-wide automation including ADC (Automatic Data Capture) solutions based on Barcodes and RFID.

Alwosta understands the needs of the Automotive industry fully and can help meet your business goals:

  • Integrate business operations globally
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce the time for product development and business cycles
  • Build and optimize a robust supply chain
  • Manage Inventories and reduce costs
  • Maximize return on IT investment
  • Improve product quality
  • Provide enterprise wide application integration and information availability
  • Leverage business intelligence and performance management

Alwosta *Automotive* Enterprise

Based on its extensive domain expertise built in the process of working with numerous Automotive (Manufacturing) customers has allowed Alwosta to build a custom industry-specific solution that caters to the specific needs of this industry. In building the SAP-based Automotive (Manufacturing) solution, Alwosta started out with SAP's All In One ERP solution and has pre-configured it with the best industry practices recommended by SAP and UST's own past experience working with automotive OEMS and suppliers. In packaging a total solution, Alwosta has integrated a lot of different software, modules, and components so that they all seamlessly work together. However, Alwosta has not stopped there but decided to enhance the solution further. To create additional value, Alwosta has bridged many business gaps and incorporated several new enhancements, reports, and interfaces which are unique for the Automotive (Manufacturing) industry.

Achieve Total Business Transformation:

  • Transform Operational Strategy – Implementing SAP ERP/BI solution can transform your business strategies and help you in strategic decision making.
  • Transform Business Processes – Alwosta /SAP lets you take advantage of best industry practices while affording the flexibility to customize the processes as much as you want.
  • Transform Technology Infrastructure – Alwosta can transform your technology platform or computing infrastructure from old legacy systems to modern SAP/Netweaver based technologies.
  • Transform People/Workforce – Alwosta can train and enrich your people/workforce with the functional and technical knowledge they need to satisfactorily do their jobs and carry out their roles in the organization.

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